Order Flow

Order Flow

You can share the progress of the order without giving more details of how it is produced, it is a very useful tool to avoid unnecessary inquiries from regular customers.

For each order, Smartier Graphics generates a work flow diagram, which graphically shows the progress in real time and what its route will be in the production floor.

Order tracking

Do you quickly find the orders you are looking for?

Your sellers will be able to track each order entered in real time avoiding unnecessary inquiries to the production manager.

Powerful filter to analyze all orders, graph with the number of orders according to their status, summations of the amounts of the analyzed orders, statistics and graphs of orders that are overdue and with a delivery date close to expiration.

Order Tracking
Assisted planning

Assisted planning

How is the criteria to plan your orders?

Automatic planning algorithms whose objective is to maintain balanced production complying with the committed dates, intervene in the order of production according to the progress of each process.

Option of manual organization of production by moving tasks and locking their position.

Graphics for each machine or production area with the number of hours committed highlighting which are already enabled to produce.

Tracking of operators

Know in real time the activity of each operator, how long it has been in it and if it is within the expected time.

A complete panel reflects the current activity of each operator connected to the platform, reporting the elapsed time.

Possibility of assigning specific tasks and priorities which will be displayed instantly in the work panel.

Tracking of operators
Supply Management

Supply management

Do you buy only what you really need?

You can buy what is just and necessary through the supply query, which automatically groups the necessary orders for each item for each supplier and the status of the purchases.