Warehouse management

Warehouse management

Do you know your stock and each movement of raw material?

Every scrap of paper can be quickly tracked and used, generating amazing savings.

Possibility of monitoring and traceability of each lot by viewing all its movements and assignments to orders.

Order identification

Are the jobs in the production plant well identified?

Printable order for identification of the plant work providing the main data so that the operator can quickly access the digital order.

Order Identification

Operator panel

Do all operators know what to do and when to do it?

Each operator has a simple work panel in which the jobs pending execution and the list of tasks that are not assigned to a specific order are shown.

Debajo, tendrán siempre visible la barra de ejecución que muestra su labor actual, el tiempo transcurrido en la tarea y los controles necesarios para pausar, finalizar la actividad o habilitar la próxima etapa de producción.

Record of deliveries

How is the communication between production, dispatch and distribution?

Fully configurable delivery notes giving the possibility of documenting the delivery method in detail of the client’s request.

Option to print the delivery note and relate it to the invoice issued.

Dynamic states of delivery notes keep information up-to-date between production, dispatch, and dispatchers.

Record of deliveries
Delivery management

Delivery management

Once the work is finished, is it delivered in a timely manner?

Panel to manage pending deliveries.

You will be able to schedule future deliveries and organize the delivery dynamically and efficiently.

Label printing

Do you spend a lot of time marking your packages?

Automatic creation of labels with the necessary data for the identification of the packages in deposit.

Label Printing

Shipment tracking

Do your delivery men know what they have to deliver and when?

Easy distribution management. Each carrier has its delivery route with the detail of each delivery note.

Possibility of recording when the work is loaded, as well as when it is delivered to the client.