Sales opportunities


What time do you spend daily budgeting?

Use powerful filters to cross data and quickly find what you are looking for.

Charts with quantities, amounts and statuses of the budgets made.

Statistics and graphs with distribution of budgets by sellers.

Acceptance averages by number of budgets and amounts of each seller.

Analysis of costs, profits and surcharges with breakdowns of your main production costs and estimated profits.

Automatic budgeting

Do your sellers have the autonomy to quote and close deals safely?

Powerful algorithms will find the most efficient way to get the job done.

Intuitive handling, it does not require deep knowledge to quote a job.

Interactive charts with budget analysis will alert you if something is not right.

Option to quickly add variants and possibility to attach files to the quote.

History with details of the main events carried out.

Types of pre-established quotes according to the profile of each client.

Automatic budgeting
Custom budgeting

Custom budgeting

Do you keep a record of special budgets?

Possibility of quoting the work according to specific requirements, allowing editing of the assembly, the margins of the printing sheet, the distribution of changes in the sheet, the presentation of the substrate to use, choosing a predetermined printer, editing percentages of ink coverage outside the standard, choose a specific die cutter and edit margins of the sheet to be die cut, among others.

Sending Quotes

Are there communication problems between your customers and sellers?

Automatic drafting of the commercial proposal of one or more condensed budgets, with the possibility of editing and exporting.

The seller sends the client the proposal without having to enter his mail.

All budget shipments are stored for later monitoring.

Custom templates with your company logo will impact your customers.

Sending Budgets
Budget tracking

Budget tracking

Once the budget is sent, do your sellers follow up on it?

Massive status requests for all budgets pending response.

Configurable smart templates for each customer to receive personalized status requests.

More follow-up, more sales, and better served customers.

Commission Management

Do your sellers know in real time how many commissions they have to charge?

Motivate your salespeople by knowing the progress of commissions so that they can continuously evaluate their performance.

Agile management for the payment of commissions with filters and massive actions

Commission Management
Automatic order creation

Automatic order creation

How many mistakes are made due to lack of information?

Automatic creation of work orders from the budget, transferring the data without errors, in a clear and friendly way for the operators.

Possibility of entering precautionary comments to each production process of the order.

The files needed to produce are stored in the same order and can be tagged and shared according to their destination.