Presentación EN Software for the Graphics Industry 4.0 Boost your investment, know more about your
business and lower your operating costs.
Earn more money and free time!

Know the status of your graphic company at all times and from anywhere.

Powerful application, simple to use and accessible.


Customer information management. Product specification. Automatic quote …


Management of orders, files and versions. Preparation of supplies. Planning machines and people …


Purchase orders. Stock. Commission payments. Shipment management. Costs control. Process and resource configuration …


Job profiles and organization chart. Incident management and monitoring. Claim to suppliers …

A comprehensive solution for all the needs of the industry.

Offset printing – Digital printing – Screen printing

Versatile and adaptable

Versatile and adaptable to multiple printing businesses: Offset Printing, Digital Printing or Screen Printing.

Powerful, simple to use and affordable

At all times, from anywhere, know the status of your industry.

Work Home Office

You will be able to offer the possibility to salespeople, designers and administrators to work remotely.

Cloud hosting

High availability and backup. Universal and centralized access. Scalability and elasticity facilitate the growth of the organization and accompany your needs. High level security, control and monitoring in real time of services, servers and applications.

Tracking shipments

Easy delivery management, each carrier has its delivery route with the details of each delivery note. Possibility of recording when the work is loaded, as well as when it is delivered to the client.